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Draw My Life Meme by MissMonstur Draw My Life Meme by MissMonstur
Meme by: :iconamimochi:

Ok so explenation time for each section. READY? GO!

Where were you born? Siblings?
I was born in Imperial Valley, California which is very close to Mexico and Death Valley. Pretty close to Yuma, Arizona as well. I lived there for the first few years of my life before moving to Phelan, California, which is 60 miles North East of Los Angeles.
I have two older sisters and a younger sister. My oldest sister has a different birth father than the rest of us girls, but that doesn't make us love her any less ;D

Life in Kindergarten
My life in Kindergarten was really good. I loved school and was friends with everyone. Pretty boring I suppose.

Life in Elementary School
In Elementary school I moved to a different town and had to go to that school which was closer. I was sad to leave all my friends behind right when 2nd grade started. I was pretty sad and lonely in 2nd grade. Luckily 3rd grade came along and I made plenty of friends then. That was the year I was first bullied by a 5th grader. I had really bad dandruff when I was little and every yearly lice exam, I'd fail because they kept mistaking it as lice. Eventually my mom got fed up with that in the 4th grade. She gave me the option to stay in public school or go to home school like my two other sisters had. I wanted to stay in public, but I still ended up going to home school.

Life in Middle School
I stayed in home school until the second semester of my 6th grade. It was just my older sister and I going there. We had to wear dumb uniforms and I never got to see my older sister hardly since she was on the high school side of the building. (it was a single building and was really small). I was forced into piano, but I'd purposely skip out because the piano instructor gave me the creeps and always hovered over me. In 7th grade I'd go back with a new piano teacher and actually would like it. 7th grade was pretty rough for me. I was picked on the most then and I spent most of my time crying. Even on the last day of school I spent crying. 8th grade I was put back into home school.

Life in High School
I went back to public school in the second semester for 9th grade after I was kicked out of another home school for not passing my tests. My mom was pretty upset about that. We had moved back to my old town by the time I entered High School so I saw a lot of familiar faces from my second Elementary School. I was pretty lonely in 9th grade except for at lunch. I had the same lunch as my cousin and all her friends. 10th grade rolls around and I meet my soon to be best friends and life lines. I was openly picked on a lot that year, I even cried in front of my friends which I found embarrassing. I was on the verge of suicide and had even wrote my own suicide note, which I still have to this day. Out of my many attempts to perform physical harm on myself, I always failed. Looking back, 10th grade had to be my favorite year with many laughs and tears. 11th grade I had to go to a different high school because I was not getting enough credits. I had failed most of my classes in 10th grade. One of my friends came with me and we experienced the new school together. It was a very small school where everyone knew you and word spread around a little too fast. 12th grade I was alone when my best friend moved. I pushed through the rest of the year I had and tried to make the best of it.

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December 16, 2013
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